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See how Jonathan rated Buhari’s handling of the Coronavirus pandemic

The immediate past President of Nigeria, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has given his thoughts concerning the way the Buhari-led government is handling the Coronavirus pandemic in Nigeria.

The former President is reported to have shared his views on the handling of Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic by Nigeria and Africa at large when he featured in a Webinar organised by the Kofi Annan Foundation on Friday, May 22.

Speaking during the Webinar tagged “Could democracy become the silent victim of coronavirus?” the former President said the efforts of state governors in the fight against the pandemic in various states in Nigeria is commendable.

The former President said pandemic has forced some African countries to be proactive as they take steps they would ordinarily not take. He added that countries affected by the pandemic would have good stories to share about it.

While speaking on the handling in Nigeria, Jonathan said: “In Nigeria, I have seen one thing about the management of the COVID-19 which is also positive.”

“We’ve seen the role played by the state governments, and some of the state governments are even looking post-coronavirus era the economy of their people.

“And I have seen what could be described as the devolution of powers with the governors,” the former Nigerian leader opined.





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